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Chess Moms And Teachers Play 2 : Registration help

Tournament Date: Sunday, December 13, 2020
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We are excited to offer this special event thanks to a US Chess Women’s Program Online Grant, funded by a generous gift in partnership with the Saint Louis Chess Club. Our goal is to encourage more women and girls to play chess. Moms participating will receive free entry to our tournament for themselves and their children (who will play in a separate section). Teachers will receive free entry for themselves and up to 4 girls from their chess club. The first 10 teachers in our Game Changer program who register will also receive a one-year online US Chess membership, one-year online scholastic US Chess memberships and one-year ChessKid Gold subscriptions for up to 4 girls from their club, and 2 more Chess Step workbooks (a $360 value). Time Controls: G/15;+3 Prizes: The winners in each section will have their games reviewed in a one- hour, online lesson after the event. All tournament participants will be invited to the lesson.